When you’re preparing for an open house in Buckhead, you know the basic things you need to do to make your home look presentable. You want to clean up and get rid of clutter. You also want to advertise the open house, so that people know about it. But there are a few additional things you can do when preparing for an open house that will make your home stand out from the rest and leave a good impression in the minds of potential buyers. In this article, we will discuss 4 tips for preparing for an open house.

Invite the neighbors

People are looking for more than just a house when they’re buying a home. They’re also usually looking for a neighborhood and a community. Inviting the neighbors to your open house lets you kill two birds with one stone—your neighbors get to peek at your home, if they’ve never been inside before, and potential buyers have the chance to ask them questions about the area and community. Extending an invitation to the neighbors can also give you a bit of free advertising for your home. If they like what they see, they might tell friends who are on the market about your house.

Hide away your pets

Your dog or cat might be cute and get along well with strangers, but for the sake of the people who are coming to your open house, it’s best to take your pet out of the house and to remove any evidence of your pet. You don’t know who has allergies. Any lingering pet dander in the air might trigger an allergic reaction in a potential buyer, which isn’t the impression you want to make. Pet odors can also turn buyers off, so it’s a good idea to deep clean the carpets after your pet leaves.

Offer food and drink

Offering refreshments at your open house not only makes people feel welcome, it can also give you a chance to highlight some features of the neighborhood. For example, you can pick up a tray of cookies or other sweet treats from the local bakery, or offer coffee from the cafe down the street. Clean out your refrigerator and refill it with a selection of water, soda, and juice bottles, then invite visitors to pick out a beverage from it.

Stash away valuables and personal items

It’s important during an open house to strip away as many personal touches from your home as possible, so that buyers see a blank slate. Hiding away valuables and other personal items, such as prescription medications, is also a good idea as it reduces the likelihood of theft.

An open house is a chance to show off your home to a sea of buyers. A clean, welcoming home can speak volumes to people who are hoping to buy in the Atlanta area.

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