If you live near a big city, like Atlanta, then you might be considering a condo near the city to minimize your commute. Some people like suburb living, but other homeowners would rather enjoy the exciting downtown lifestyle. You can have the best of both worlds: a comfortable condo where you can create memories with your family, and easy access to the social scene in Atlanta.

Cost of Properties in the City

As a general rule of thumb, real estate prices go up in big city areas. Space is limited, and demand is high, so the prices are naturally higher because of supply-and-demand. Most people choose to live in condos because there aren’t many single-family homes available in the downtown area. Just because you are shopping for a condo, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the comforts of home.

In fact, condo living can offer many benefits for your family to enjoy. These condo complexes often offer workout facilities and commons areas, and you can find updated living spaces with all of the amenities that you need.

How to Find a High-Quality Condo

Here are a few tips if you are in the market to buy a condo:

  • Work with an Experienced Real Estate Agent: Looking at online real estate listings can only get you so far. Working with a good agent will make it a lot easier for you to find a property that matches your preferences. You need someone who is connected in the industry because they can help you find the locations and features that will be right for your family.
  • Know Your Budget: Talk with a lender before you start shopping for a condo so that you know the size of the loan that you can qualify for. You might be surprised to learn that you can qualify for a bigger loan, making it possible for you to raise your budget and buy a nicer condo.
  • Location Matters: If you have to sacrifice the location of the condo, it might not be worth the money that you will save. The location is an important factor if you live in the city. Consider the accessibility of the area where you would like to live, and draw lines on the map to choose a condo within these boundaries.
  • Talk with Friends and Family: Do you know anyone who lives in the area where you would like to move? Talk with your personal connections to see if they have any recommendations or leads on condos that are available. A personal connection can give you the advantage to find a property that might not be listed on the real estate market yet.

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