Raising a family is a rewarding task, leaving many parents unsure of what to do after the kids move out. Did you just send your last child off to college, and you are trying to decide what to do with the extra space in the house? Or maybe your kids are still at home, but the bedrooms were shuffled around and now there is an extra room available.

Some parents consider the option of “rightsizing” their home to move into a smaller space. But, many people want to maintain the same home since so many memories were made in that place. It’s up to you to decide… just make sure that you consider the needs of your family.

An Extra Office or Craft Room

Now that the kids are finally out of the house, it is the perfect opportunity for you to set up that office space or craft room that you have always dreamed about. A quick search on Pinterest or other websites will show you some ideas to decorate the room.

Since the kids are gone, you will have more time on your hands. So, it makes sense to make a space where you can stay busy with your favorite hobbies or activities.

Guest Rooms for Family and Friends

Another option is to create another guest room where family and friends can stay. It is important to be sure that your kids are comfortable and happy when they come home for the weekend. Maintaining a guest bedroom will give them a space of their own when they are home visiting.

This space will be useful when you throw a backyard barbecue and friends come into town for a party. The extra bedroom will improve the comfort of your guests since they will have a space to stay. If any of your guests have small children, then the extra bedroom downstairs can be a great place for naptime.

Movie Room for Family Gatherings

Do you enjoy spending time watching a movie with people that you love? Consider turning the spare room into a movie room. Some people love the idea of removing the television from the main living areas of the home. A dedicated media room will give you a place to relax after a long day at work.

Choose a comfortable couch and ottoman, or you might select recliners instead. Mount a flat-screen TV or install a projector that will display the movie on the wall. There are many technical options that can be used to improve the experience, such as surround sound speakers and a voice-command control center. You might even set up a video game system to use when friends and family are visiting.

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