It is an exciting time to move into a new home with your family! Are you ready to settle into the property, so that you can enjoy the time with the people that you love? Before you get settled in, there are a few details that you need to work through to be sure that you create a space of peace and happiness in your home.

Avoiding Conflict when Assigning Bedrooms

If you have multiple children, then you might run into a few disputes about how the bedrooms are assigned. Do your kids want to have the same bedroom? Here are a few strategies that you might use to keep peace in your home and avoid the conflict that comes with these types of disagreements:

  • Oldest to Youngest: You might let the kids choose in order of oldest to youngest. Let the oldest choose first, then go down the line through the rest of the kids.
  • Parent Assignments: Since you are the parents, you have the option to make the bedroom assignments for your kids. Consider the personalities of each child and how they will fit in the bedrooms that are available. For example, a child that wakes up often in the night should be near the master bedroom. If a child needs quick access to the bathroom, then you might put them in the room closest to an accessible bathroom.
  • Draw Straws: Can’t decide where the kids should sleep? Put the rooms onto slips of paper and have everyone pick a paper to see their room assignment.
  • Room Sharing: Do two kids want the same room? It might be a possibility to have those kids share the bedroom.

There are a variety of ways that the room assignments can be made. The most important thing is to be sure that you have enough space to support the entire family comfortably.

Planning Space for Guests

Do you often have family members or guests who come to visit? You need to be sure that you have a comfortable space where they can stay. You might choose the bedrooms that are far away from the main living space to be guest rooms. This distance gives the guests a quiet corner where they can feel like they have a space to get away if they need time to themselves.

Guest rooms are important to ensure that your family and friends are happy and comfortable when they visit. Additionally, this guest space will eliminate the need to have the kids sleep on the couch if their rooms are needed for visitors.

Choosing the Right Home

There are many factors that need to be considered when you are choosing a home for your family. Make sure that you have enough bedrooms to accommodate the entire family, as well as guests if they come to visit.

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