Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and you most likely spent this holiday telling your significant other and loved ones just how much they mean to you. But if you’re selling your home, did you give your home any love? In this article we will discuss Your Home Deserves Some Love Too. Consider the following tip to get your home sold before summer.

Write a letter to your buyers.

One of our favorite ways to suggest to sellers to stand out from the crowd is by putting personal touches on the way you sell your home. This could be by the way you advertise or the way you show or stage your home. Buyers see multiple homes a month, and it’s difficult to keep them all straight. They might remember a home by the color of the exterior, or the state of the carpet, or the smell inside. Make your home especially memorable by writing a letter. We like to call this a “love letter” about your home.

Tell your buyer just how much you have loved living in your home. What was it like celebrating the holidays in your home? Was your home a favorite to host parties and gatherings at? Did you watch your children grow and reach milestones in this home? What do your neighbors think of your home? What are your favorite aspects of the neighborhood and area your home is located in? All of these things could be included in your letter. You could even walk your buyer through the home on a guided tour of sorts, explaining what is great about your home, room by room.

Tell your buyers what you will miss most about your home, but also include why you are moving, especially if you are reluctant to leave. This is also a great place to answer important questions your buyer might have about your property. Granted, you can also leave a copy of your seller’s disclosure statement with the letter so that your buyer can have detailed information regarding your property, but the letter will give you a chance to explain a bit more candidly what your property has to offer.

If you have rooms that are multipurpose, tell your buyers how you used those rooms. Any extra information will help buyers settle on your home. Place this letter in an envelope or stack a pile of copies of the letter on a “marketing table,” or a table or counter where you leave important information and fliers for your buyers. All of this will really help seal the deal for any buyer that 
walks through your home.

This tip is just one way to help your home stand out. As buyers visit other homes, they’ll see the extra mile you went to and will emotionally connect to your home. After all, the home selling and buying process is an emotional time. We hope you enjoyed this article on Your Home Deserves Some Love Too.

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