The number one reason homes don’t sell is an out-of-date or mismanaged listing. It is important to keep an eye on the information your listing has as well as keep it fresh and up-to-date in order to assure buyers that what they see is what they’ll get. In this article, we will discuss Keep Your Listing Fresh and Up-To-Date This Spring. Here are some ways to make sure your listing sells your home.

Make sure everything is correct.

One of the easiest ways to manage your listing is to make sure that all of the information is correct. You’d be surprised at all of the ways a listing can have incorrect information. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms might be wrong or the listing might report the wrong school district. There are about a hundred ways your listing could have incorrect information, and buyers will be more than a little disappointed if they arrive at your property thinking you have five bedrooms, when you actually have three bedrooms. To manage the information on your listing, simply check your listing at the beginning of your listing period. Comb through all of the information and confirm that everything is accurate. Then, occasionally check your listing online to make sure it is uniform and accurate. This aspect of managing your listing will be the simplest way to keep your listing up to date.

Change the verbiage from time to time.

Your listing description can really be enticing to buyers, depending on how you and your agent word it. If it’s bland and too factual, then you aren’t tugging at the buyers’ heartstrings to reel them in to your home. Think of reasons that you have loved living in your home and area. Is your home especially vibrant and homey during the spring season? Add that to the description! You can even change the verbiage of your listing description from time to time to update and refresh your listing once a month or every couple of weeks. Use impressive buzzwords and phrases like “spacious,” “open,” “natural light,” “luxurious,” or “cozy.” Highlight recent updates or impressive features of your home, such as bathroom renovations or a master bedroom fireplace. This is the chance to talk to your buyers, so take advantage of it, and update it when necessary.

Keep your photos updated.

Be mindful of your pictures at all times. Your pictures should feature your home in its best light. Change the exterior photos to match what it looks like from season to season, as the color of the grass changes or as plants and flowers begin to bloom. If you paint a room a different color, be sure to change the photos to reflect that. If a buyer sees your photos online first and then goes to your home expecting the photos, only to find you’ve made several changes, they might be disappointed. If you stay vigilant about your listing, and the way that your listing reflects your home, you are sure to impress and please buyers.

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