When you are deciding where to buy a home in Atlanta you can use this simplest method of search. This article is about What part of Atlanta should I live in? It is as easy as this if you don’t have a specific location to which you want to move:

1. Spread the map on a table, close your eyes and throw a dart at the map. Where the dart lands, move there.

2. Ask your friends if they know any place around Atlanta. They probably have an obscure Aunt that lives in some suburb around Atlanta, move there. This method saves the hole in your coffee table from the dart.

3. Look on Google maps, or overhead satellite mapping and pick a spot.

4. Read about Atlanta and a great new bar, move around the block.


Once you have investigated these areas, my real estate clients tell me that it becomes obvious to them where they need to be to put down roots in Atlanta. Hopefully this will work for you as well. As you go through the list of 10 things to search, I think that you will be able to also identify what is really most important to you on the list. You will then have your top three criteria to focus on.

Once you have decided where you want to be, let us set up a search for you on their MLS (multiple listing service) so that you can be notified of new homes as they come on the market. This MLS “gateway” is a free service and is very valuable when it comes to getting an education and ultimately buying something. The system works based on your price range, location and criteria so as a house falls into your price range, you are sent an email. This is very effective and every buyer should be on this system. We do this for all of our buyers and it has really helped them by keeping them in the loop and thus they are able to make a quicker decision after they have received enough education. It always helps buyers to make their search more efficient, informed and focused.

We hope you enjoyed our article on What part of Atlanta should I live in?

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