Negotiations are a standard part of the real estate process, especially if the buyer and seller are having a hard time seeing eye-to-eye on the terms of the agreement. As you are negotiating the details of the purchase or sale of a property, it is a good idea to have an experienced real estate agent by your side.

Here at Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we have handled thousands of real estate negotiations. We know what works so that we can get you the best deal on the house you want. A trusted real estate agent can help save you time and maximize value by guiding you through the negotiation process. No need to stress about whether you are overlooking crucial details!

As you are working through the negotiation process with your real estate agent, here are a few strategies that might be used to make it easier to negotiate what you want.

Pricing of the Property

Whether you are selling a home or submitting an offer for a home that you would like to purchase, consider the price point that you will use for the listing. Don’t start with the amount that you want to close on, because you should always leave a little room for negotiation. Sellers often set the price a little higher so that they can come down during the negotiations and end up at the actual price that they wanted for the home. In comparison, sometimes the buyer will start with a lower offer, to give a little wiggle room to meet the seller in the middle if needed.

Let Go of the Emotions

If you are leading your negotiations based on emotion, it is much harder to find a compromise for both parties. Stick with rational thinking and keep the emotions out of it. Sticking with the facts and figures will keep you in a better mindset when it is time to negotiate. Make sure that you stay realistic with your expectations, and be willing to give a little here and there without giving up the really important things.

Consider Other Offers

Are you still having a hard time finding the right terms that both parties will agree on? If you can’t use negotiations to find the middle ground, then you might consider other offers. As you are selling your home, look at all of the offers that are received so that you can find an option that will lead to a closing. Your real estate agent will know what to look for, and they can help you to review other offers that are received.

You don’t have to manage the negotiations on your home because an experienced real estate agent can handle those details for you! Call our team at Duffy Realty of Atlanta for more information about out proven systems that can help you to buy quickly or sell a home for your family: (678) 318-1700