Nothing is worse to a prospective buyer than walking into a home and seeing piles of well…junk. Stacks of paper on countertops, piles of clothes thrown in a corner, and overflowing trash bins just don’t communicate “buy me”. What it does imply is that the home is not very well taken care of. This is the last impression you want to make! In this article we discuss Simple ways to make your home more appealing to buyers.

Overwhelmed at the idea of clearing off your desk or emptying your junk drawer? A simple solution is to put your stacks of paper, unopened mail, and piles of bills in a decorative storage container. These practical and pretty containers are easy to find at your local Target or Wal-Mart and are inexpensive to purchase so there are no excuses!

Don’t forget that clutter also includes all those treasured collections filling every bookshelf, all the knick-knacks and chatchkis on display, and even the prized artwork covering your walls. Yes, all these items mean something to you. However, to a prospective buyer, they can make your space appear visually smaller and can distract them from other highlights of your home. Try paring down your collections and artwork to just a few, basic pieces that coordinate and just go ahead and pack the rest! Hey, this way you’ll be ahead of the game come moving day!

The important thing to remember is that clutter only distracts potential buyers and makes the whole process of selling your home take that much longer! Your mantra needs to be “LESS is BEST!” Lose the clutter and gain the attention of buyers!

-Lisa Garcia

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