Opinions vary when it comes to the topic of open houses, because some real estate agents swear by this strategy and others think that it is an outdated marketing tactic. As you learn more about real estate open houses and their effectiveness, it is easy to see why some Atlanta real estate agents love open houses while other agents see them as a necessary evil.  This article discusses Pros and Cons of a Real Estate Open House.

What is a Real Estate Open House?

An open house is a specific period of time when the house is open to allow any potential buyers to tour through the property without scheduling an appointment in advance. During this time, the seller’s real estate agent is available to answer questions and assist with anything that is needed, but the results of this market strategy can be hit-and-miss depending on the time of year and the property that is being sold.

Even though real estate open houses used to be an effective way to draw potential buyers into a home, the truth is that things have changed over the years. 10 or 15 years ago, home buyers didn’t have as many resources available to see details of a home, so the main method to locate the right home was by visiting as many homes as possible. Now, buyers have the option to view pictures online and look at virtual open houses, saving the time and effort of driving across town to catch an open house.

Times Have Changed in the Real Estate Industry

Don’t get stuck working with a real estate agent who is focused on these old strategies of marketing your home. If you want to sell your home, then you need to be caught up with the current trends to ensure that your home is easily accessible in the virtual space.

Before the internet, open houses were very effective because home buyers didn’t know much about the appearance of a home until they actually visited in person. So, the strategy was to visit homes through open houses or appointments, and then talk with the real estate agents on site to learn more about properties that are available.

Now, some home buyers view open houses as a waste of time. Instead of driving from one location to another, a home buyer can view pictures and videos of different properties online and then schedule an appointment at their convenient to visit the homes that they are interested in.

Potential Buyers Will Schedule Showings

The truth is that a potential buyer will schedule a showing to see the home if they are really interested in the property. So, most of the time, their visit won’t be influenced by an open house. In fact, a potential buyer might actually schedule a showing outside of the open house time.  This helps to ensure they can tour the property without the distraction of other people.

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