Hosting an open house is an excellent way to boost traffic on your home and to give buyers a chance to experience the atmosphere of your home. Before hosting an open house, you should be sure that your home is ready to be put on display for a large group to walk through. In this article, we will discuss Open Up for an Open House. Here are some tips for hosting the perfect open house.

Keep everything squeaky-clean.

Your home should be immaculate. Every room that buyers enter should be clutter-free and should have a thorough cleaning before the open house starts. This should include freshly laundered beds, bathrooms that have been wiped down and scrubbed to perfection, and kitchens that are virtually smudge-free. Dust every surface and vacuum all carpets or sweep up debris from the floors. A dirty house could contribute to strange smells that put buyers off. So to top it all off, try to get rid of odors with candles or gentle air fresheners. Outside of the house, rake up leaves, mow the lawn, and weed out flowerbeds. Your home should be groomed to perfection from the inside out.

Spread the word!

Inform friends and family of your open house so that they might spread the word. Buy plenty of signs, including directional signs, to lead potential buyers to your home. You can even purchase an online advertisement and include the date and time.

Presentation is everything.

marketing table

Your open house should be an experience for the buyer. To guarantee the best possible experience for all buyers who attend, offer light refreshments, such as bottled water or soda, or perhaps some freshly baked cookies (which will give your home a delicious scent!). Another way to stand out to buyers is by writing them a letter. Sit down with your family and come up with all of the reasons you have loved living in your home and community. You could even address certain questions in this letter about the homeowners’ association or local schools. Any information that will attract a buyer’s attention should be included in this letter, but keep it as short and sweet as possible. Make enough copies for all buyers to take with them. In addition to the letter, you could also include a list of local business or restaurants that you have enjoyed being a patron of while living at the home. You should also include a sign-in sheet for buyers to leave their contact information should you forget to mention something during the open house. All of these things will stick in the mind of the buyer, and may even draw them back for a private showing.

Don’t be discouraged if you get no traffic on the day of your open house. This can happen, but the trick is to open your home for potential buyers to walk through as often as possible, and to stand out.

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