There are many different ways to conduct showings of your property. In this article, we will discuss Now Showing: Your Beautiful Home. Showing your home is a chance for buyers to get a feel for your home and to imagine themselves making a life there. Buyers get the chance to see the beautiful features of your home that they may not have gotten through viewing your pictures online.

You have options

During the showing process, you have different options for showing your home. You don’t even have to be at the house during the showing if the buyer has an agent! If you have a lockbox, agents can access your home to give buyers the walk-through. Or, if you feel like you need to be present during the showing, you can have agents call you to make an appointment to show your home so you can ensure that you are there to answer any questions. Some buyers, however, prefer to not have the seller there so that they don’t feel pressured or awkward during their showing. So it’s a good idea to print out copies of your seller’s disclosure and leave them on the counter or dining room table for them to look at if they have any questions. Another good tip to consider trying: leave a sign-in sheet in an accessible location in your home for the buyer or agent to leave their contact information or leave a card with your contact information so that you can easily get feedback or give more information about the home.

Give showing instructions

Include showing instructions in your listing to ensure successful showings. For example, if you have pets that need to be put up, include in your showing instructions that you must have a courtesy call or appointment for showings so that you can put the pets away before buyers enter. If you don’t live in the house and you would like for agents to turn off any lights that they turned on during the showing, require that they call you first, so that you have their number in case they neglect to follow the instructions, and include in the instructions that everything must be shut off before leaving the home.

Keep your home showings-ready

To make sure your home is always ready for a showing, keep it looking asimmaculate as possible. This will require a little extra work from time to time, but you won’t regret it! Run the vacuum through the house a couple of times a week, dust surfaces frequently, and eliminate clutter. Keep fresh cut flowers out or use candles or plug-ins for fresh, welcoming scents in your home. After cooking, wipe down all surfaces. Make all of the beds. And don’t forget to put your home’s best foot forward with beautiful curb appeal. Make your buyers want to come back again with the perfect showing!

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