According to Tasha Moody, the president of Simply Staged, staging is the art of preparing a home for sale so it’s as appealing as possible to every potential buyer in the market. If you are struggling with finding clean and stylish ways to present your home so that it appeals to every potential buyer in the market, then you should consider staging your home to really give your home the edge it needs to sell quickly. In this article, we will discuss Is Staging Worth the Hassle?.

What are the benefits of staging my home?

There are a lot of benefits for staging your home. First, staging a home allows buyers to really imagine what it would be like to live in the home. Since one of the main tasks of staging a home includes depersonalizing, the buyers won’t be seeing themselves as buying your home but will instead see it as buying a property that they can make their own. Furthermore, buyers might even be willing to overlook property faults or features of the home that they hadn’t intended on purchasing for their next home. And, most importantly, staged homes encourage buyers to offer more than non-staged homes. Staged homes create a cozy atmosphere that homes that aren’t staged just can’t compete with.


Should I stage my entire house?

The most important rooms that should be staged include the kitchen, family room, and master bedroom. Since the kitchen is probably where the family is together most often, the kitchen will most likely sell the house. A fresh coat of paint and either re-finishing or re-painting your kitchen cupboards will make your kitchen look like new. In the family or living room, again, a fresh coat of paint can really make a difference. Bring some light into the room by opening the blinds and drawing the curtains before showings or open houses, and turn on any ceiling light fixtures or add lamps to light it all up. Then, the master bedroom should feel like an inviting and relaxing escape from the rest of the house. Purchase a bed-in-a-bag with colors or a pattern that matches the color scheme in the rest of the room. Or, buy a duvet in a neutral color and add pillows with splashes of color to brighten up the room. You could use this technique in every bedroom in your home to give buyers the chance to imagine themselves and their family retreating to their bedrooms to unwind. If you want to go even further, you should consider staging your bathrooms as well. Make the bathroom feel like the buyer is walking into a spa. Arrange fluffy towels near the tub, soaps near the sink, and hang a framed mirror. You’d be surprised just how immaculate your home will look after it’s staged.

Consider staging your home or hire a professional home stager today!

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