Whether you are still living in the home you are selling, or you have already moved out of the property, you should leave something for buyers that visit your home for showings. In this article, we will discuss Noteworthy Information to Leave Prospective Buyers. Your goal should be to not only provide as much information as possible to any buyer that visits your home, but to also make your home stand out from the multiple other homes buyers have already visited or have yet to visit. In order to do this, we suggest creating a “marketing table.” Think of all of the information you would want to know, or you wish you knew, about the area your home is in as well as information about the property itself. All of this should be included on your marketing table.

Leave information regarding the property.

To expedite the negotiation process, leave copies of your seller’s disclosure statement on your marketing table. Your seller’s disclosure statement will inform the buyer about details of your property as well as some important information regarding the history of your property, such as any roof damage or flooding that has occurred. Your seller’s disclosure statement will also tell the buyers what will remain in the home when you leave, such as appliances or interior fixtures. You might even let your buyers know what monthly utilities look like, or information about the providers. Another good piece of information to leave on your marketing table would be a home love letter, where you discuss what you have loved about living in your home. This is a good place to discuss the emotional ties to your home, rather than the factual and concrete features of your home that are included in your seller’s disclosure statement.

Leave information regarding the area.

One of the most important features that could persuade buyers to select your home would be the neighborhood or community it is located in. Create a document that highlights all of the great aspects of the area your home is in. For instance, discuss the characteristics of the neighborhood. Are there children in the neighborhood? Does your neighborhood host community activities such as block parties or pool parties at the neighborhood pool or club house? You could even get neighbor testimonials to include in your description of the neighborhood. Leave information about the HOA as well. Then, include information about the school district and local amenities and attractions, such as restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and parks. You might also want to let buyers know about any public transportation available in the area or information about traffic and travel times to metro areas. All of this information about the community your home is in will help buyers imagine themselves living and working in the area.

Put your home above the rest. Make your home memorable by giving buyers as much information as possible in a unique way with a marketing table.

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