Sometimes, homeowners believe that real estate agents imbued with an outgoing, friendly, persuasive personality will have the most success selling their home. Some buyers also want to work with someone they like. However, the personality of the agent is not the most important factor. Failing to evaluate the agent’s sales process can cost you time and money.

Ultimately, selling your Gwinnett County home quickly and at the best price depends on you choosing a real estate agent who has a proven system for selling homes. A logical, repeatable and proven process trumps personality because it outlines where you are going and provides data to support its claims.

Proprietary system, different results

Ultimately, the difference in broker services lies in the ability to employ a proven process for marketing homes. Duffy Realty of Atlanta has an established seven-step process that our real estate agents use to sell homes quickly and net the seller the most profit:

  1. Prepare the home to have mass appeal to buyers.
  2. Plan the sales strategy.
  3. Position the real estate listing to appeal to the most buyers.
  4. Advertise to investors, first time buyers, relocation buyers and local house-hunting prospects.
  5. Use photos, incentives and other tactics to attract buyers.
  6. Have a proactive approach to second viewings.
  7. Handle negotiations in a businesslike manner.

The system has sold more than 14,500 homes.

Proactive approach to selling homes

Attracting buyers to see your home requires a flexible, adaptable and highly efficient system that shows your home to every type of buyer. Our listing agreement allows sellers to list on “For Sale by Owner” websites if they wish. Sellers may come and go in the contract, relist for no additional charge or offer the home for rent, lease and sale simultaneously.

Duffy has a staff of buyers’ agents who show and sell its real estate listings. We also use a variety of marketing strategies to sell your home:

  • Buy a Buyer offers the buyer a portion of our commission to get them to tour your home.
  • Reverse Offer allows our contract specialist to contact the buyer or buyer’s agent to make an offer to the homebuyer after a second viewing.

The average listing sells within 48 days — half the industry’s average.

Personality versus process

Home sellers are no different from other people. They would prefer to work with a person that they like. When you sell your home, you must compare real estate sales processes to find the one that is most compatible with your goals: pricing your home correctly, marketing to the greatest number of buyers, negotiating the deal and finalizing the transaction. If you choose an agent without a solid process, you risk limiting the exposure of your home, taking longer to sell and losing money.

Contact the real estate agents at Duffy Realty of Atlanta to learn more about our proprietary seven-step system that sells homes faster than the competition and saves you money.

Image source: Flickr