In this article, we will discuss The Importance of When you Love your Home…  Many people ask me what is necessary to sell a home in today’s market. My response is LOVE. The pouring of love onto your home is a simple thing that you can do and everyone knows that love is an action.

Buying a home is an emotional experience for a buyer. You can not sell a buyer a home that they don’t love. This is where most sellers make the mistake. You can not sell a home to a buyer that does not love the home. So, you have to use that same emotion to make the buyer understand that you love your home and if circumstances were not different, you would not be selling the home.

Unfortunately, when most people move to another home, look at other homes or need to sell the home, they tend to put their home out of their mind. They are mentally already detached from it.

So, how do you love a home?

  1. Clean your home while you remember good times that you had in the home.
  2. Get out old photos and remember good times. Just don’t put them on the walls.
  3. Think about the restaurants, parks and shopping that you have done around the home. You are not just selling your bricks, sticks and mortar, you are selling your lifestyle.
  4. Take some time to think about who might enjoy your home, visualize them coming into your home and your conversation about how much you have loved living there.
  5. Write a letter to your potential buyer and let them know about your future plans and the enjoyable past you have experienced in your home.

It is okay to be excited about the next place that you are moving to. But make sure that the buyers understand that you love your current home. This makes it much easier to transfer your love of your home to them and for them ultimately to buy it.

If the situation and reason that you are leaving your home is a bad one, reach down deep to find something about your home that you love. It is possible to sell your home if you hate it. But it really makes what could be a good situation and a lot of fun when selling your home a little more miserable.

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From Rhonda Duffy, Real Estate Broker and National Consumer Advocate The Real Estate Powerhouse