When you sell your home with Duffy Realty of Atlanta, you can be sure that your home is getting the maximum amount of marketing and exposure online. Duffy advertises your home in a myriad of websites that buyers and agents look at daily. But did you know that there are still so many ways that you can advertise your home? In this article, we will discuss How to: Gain More Traffic for Your Listing.


To start, you could try advertising your home daily on Craigslist. Advertise your listing in the “real estate for sale” section, and update it every day to get maximum exposure for your home. If you need an advertising option that requires less effort and time, try your hand at a Facebook post that provides some information about your listing. Ask all of your friends to “share” your post. You never know who is looking to buy right now, and your friends’ networks could open up even more opportunities for potential buyers!


To reach other buyers in your area, or in surrounding areas, we also recommend that you try placing ads in local papers. Again, this will reach a completely different group of buyers who may not have access to the internet or social media. They will see your listing in their local paper and be able to stop by or contact you directly about your home. Essentially, you will run the ad as the owner and include your contact information and Duffy Realty’s contact information to provide buyers with plenty of ways to find out more or make an offer.

You could also make flyers or attach a rider to your sign with your contact number so that buyers that drive around looking for those For Sale signs can pull over and contact you directly for more information. Any flyer that you attach to your sign should include some basic details about your property, maybe even a few pictures, to give buyers a first glance at your home. These flyers can be placed around the community at local businesses or your place of work. You never can tell what kind of traffic the grapevine can yield!

With the utility of these extra techniques of advertising, you are sure to boost your traffic and reel in buyers from every corner of Georgia. But keep in mind, when you listed with Duffy Realty of Atlanta, you already ensured that you would get the maximum amount of advertising online that you could hope for! Your listing is made public in not one, but two Multiple Listing Services, which agents have access to. The listing that is made public on the MLS(s) is then made public on so many other websites that buyers visit every day, such as Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, and other real estate websites, including the Duffy Realty of Atlanta Website.

So, even without making the extra effort to advertise in other arenas, you know that with Duffy Realty of Atlanta, your home is getting the advertising it deserves to get it SOLD!


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