Getting Your Home Picture Perfect

Over 90% of buyers are shopping for homes online. With sites like Zillow,, Redfin, and others, it’s become increasingly easier to walk through a home without ever walking through a home. So you need to ensure that you put your home’s best foot forward with pictures that really show off the incredible features and personality of the home. Abide by these picture-taking rules, and the beauty of your home will surely wow buyers. In this article we will be discussing The Importance of Pictures.

Ensure the quality of the photos

If you have ever tried to view a picture of a beautiful seascape or mountain range and found that it was difficult to appreciate the scene because the photo was blurry or too small, then you’ll understand exactly how buyers feel when they view blurry or strangely sized pictures of your home. Don’t take blurry photos or photos that are taken vertically, as they will crop incorrectly for the MLS, where the third-party websites pull your photos from. Also make sure to have enough light in a room that you are photographing. If the room doesn’t have enough natural light, strategically place lamps to add light to the room to really show the dimensions and size of the room.


Take pictures of your home, not your things.

Photos of your home should be just that—pictures of the home! Don’t focus the photos on a couch that will end up leaving the home and going with you to your new home. Angle the furniture that is in your home around the features of your home, such as a fireplace or window, or arrange it so that it shows just how big the room is. Try to remove especially personal items like pictures of your family or trinkets on the mantel or shelves, as these are all things that could distract buyers from viewing the room as a whole. Tidy up your home before taking pictures so toys or papers aren’t littered around the floor and counters, and vacuum and dust to really make sure your home shines!

Consider your photos a first showing

If buyers are mostly starting their home buying process online, then you should consider the photos of your home a first showing. Walk through your home in a natural progression to order the photos as if the buyer is walking through your home. Start with the exterior of your home, and be sure to include the curb appeal of the home in that picture, then walk up to the front door, open it, and take a picture of the entrance or foyer as if they are entering your home for the first time. Then continue through your home, room by room, and imagine what a buyer’s point of view would be if they were walking through with you.

Your photos really can tell your home’s story, and can either draw in a buyer to see it in person, or force them to simply pass.

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