This article is about home projects;

Are you getting ready to sell your house and wondering which home projects you should pursue before it goes on the market? Knowing which tasks are the most important can help you garner top dollar for your house — and get it sold promptly.

When it comes to deciding which home projects to put on the to-do list and which ones to forego, consider the following:

The roof

A problem roof is one thing that often sends potential buyers heading for the hills. You should hire a roofing contractor to conduct a thorough inspection. Sometimes, a few minor repairs and upkeep will cost a few hundred dollars but can save you headaches down the road if something unfavorable comes up during a home inspection.

Curb appeal

You’ll hear it time and again, and it’s true: The first impression is vitally important. You want your house to look appealing when observers pull up for the first time. So, to achieve great curb appeal, make sure your lawn and landscaping are properly manicured. Clean the windows and front door. Consider painting the door if it’s in rough or mediocre shape. Plant some colorful annuals in attractive containers flanking the front door, as well.


Now is the time to clear your kitchen counters, clean out your closets and get extra-bulky furniture out of sight. Buyers can’t see what the house has to offer if all they see is your junk. Have a garage sale and then, if there’s anything left over, donate it to charity.

The kitchen

Deciding whether to do anything to the kitchen will typically be based on the room’s age, how long it has been since any updates have been made, and the state of the housing market. If your house is more than 10 or 15 years old, you might consider replacing the kitchen’s floors or countertops if they’re not in decent shape. Otherwise, just give them a good cleaning.

If the new buyers want to update the room, then they can choose exactly what they want.

If you want to spruce the kitchen up a bit without an entire renovation, consider painting it or adding a new faucet and cabinet hardware.

The bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, the most important thing is to make sure the toilet and plumbing are all functioning properly and that you don’t have any drips or leaks. A big bathroom overhaul is probably best left to the buyers, but you can make the bathroom more attractive by painting, adding new faucets and highlighting the room with colorful, clean new towels and accents.

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