There’s no doubt that spring can be a perfect time of year to sell your home! You can find a great buyer for the property and settle into your new property before the busy summer schedule sets in. Whether you are buying or selling a home this spring, there are a few things that you need to consider to protect the quality of the properties despite the changing weather patterns.

Spring Tips for Home Sellers

As a seller, you worked hard to prepare the property for the real estate listing. It can be disappointing to clean your home, only to find that everything needs to be cleaned again after each showing. It can be a challenge to have strangers walking through your home and tracking in the mud and pollen from outside.

Designate an entry point so that everyone moves in and out through the same entrance. Consider adding a reminder sign by the front door to ask visitors to remove their shoes. Leaving the messy shoes on the front porch can save your carpets and tile. It is common for buyers to walk through the yard as they are approaching the home, which increases the risk that they will track in dirt and mud.

If you are going to ask people to remove their shoes, make sure that you have a dedicated area for shoe storage. A small rack might be a great solution. It is important that you remove your family’s shoes before the showing so that the rack doesn’t look cluttered and overflowing with too many shoes.

Don’t forget to place mats and rugs inside and outside the doors. A bristly mat outside helps to catch mud and grime. Then, place a washable rug and runner inside the doorway to protect the floors after guests step inside.

Spring Tips for Home Buyers

When you are touring a home, think about the ways that you can be courteous to avoid messes inside. The seller worked hard to prepare the property for your tour. You should show the same respect by taking preventive measures to minimize messes.

For example, always take off your shoes when entering a house. Also, it is a good idea to start by walking through the home before you inspect the yard. Waiting to do the yard tour after seeing the inside of the home will decrease the likelihood that you will bring in pollen and allergens from outside.

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