Just like people searching for a soul mate on a personals match website, when searching from your next dream home, like the ad says, “it’s ok to look online”. The first time people see a home is not when they physically view it, but when they see it online. Search websites like REALTOR.com, Trulia, Zillow, to find out what hunk (of brick and mortar) is available. In this article we will discuss Finding The Home That You Love.

Use a matchmaker. Or in this case your friendly neighborhood real estate agent. Our search tools are far more advanced than those of the public. It is a free service to the buyer, since we get paid a commission from the seller. The expertise that a good agent (one that has a lot of transactions under his belt – not just years on the job) can bring to the transaction can help make that love-at-first-sight attraction into a sustainable, long-term, fulfilling relationship especially when it comes to writing and negotiating the contract. In fact, we at Duffy Realty of Atlanta pay our buyer clients a dowry, in most cases equal to 1% of the sale price in the form of a buyer cash bonus check at closing.

Don’t get into a shotgun wedding. If you are having problems making the deal, contract or closing process work, and the other side has defaulted in some way, just walk. Get your earnest money back and go find the next “Mr. Right”. Honey, this one just wasn’t for you. And nowadays there are many fish in the sea. We hope you enjoyed this post on Finding The Home That You Love.

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Rhonda Duffy