Sell a Home in Spring - Atlanta Real Estate

As you are compiling your spring cleaning list, are you considering ways to spruce up the property so that it is ready to be sold? Spring is an excellent time of year to sell your home, and it is important to get started right away if you want to beat the summer rush.

Get Ahead of the Crowd

Many homeowners delay listing their home on the market, because they have different reasons that they think it would be better to wait: when the kids are out of school, between semesters, or when the flowers in the yard have bloomed.

These reasons might seem valid, but the truth is that you are missing out on a great opportunity if you wait to sell your home. Since many people are waiting until summer to sell, you can get ahead of the crowd by listing your property on the real estate market right away.

Home buyers are looking for properties throughout the year, and inventory tends to be a little lower during the first few months of the year. As a result, you will increase your opportunities for offers since there aren’t as many homes for buyers to choose from.

Interest Rates are Rising

If you are selling your home, then it is likely that you will also be in the market to buy another home. Consider the financing options for your new home, and understand that the rising interest rates might impact your payments and mortgage qualification. It is expected that mortgage interest rates will continue to rise throughout the year. So, delaying the sale of your home could delay your ability to purchase a new home, which in turn impacts your new mortgage.

Additionally, increased mortgage rates can have an impact on the offers that you receive from potential buyers. A higher interest rate limits the size of the loan, which makes it more difficult for buyers to afford a higher price tag for their property.

The Weather is Nice for Moving

It can be uncomfortable to move during the colder winter months or the hot summer months. Instead of waiting for the temperatures to rise this summer, consider the fact that it will be more comfortable to move as soon as possible while the weather is reasonable. By selling your home as soon as possible, you will reduce the possibilities of moving in uncomfortable weather.

Whether you are planning to sell your home right away or you would like to wait for a little while, it is a good idea to talk with an experienced real estate team. Here at Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we are available to help with the sale of your home. For more information about the services that are offered, we invite you to contact our office as soon as possible. We will help you put together an effective plan to sell your home: (678) 318-1700