Atlanta Real Estate - Should I Buy This Home

In one form or another, buyers often ask this question. “Should I Buy this home?” Even with fiduciary responsibility toward my clients, I really cannot answer this question.

Even if I sit down with you and listen intently to your criteria in choosing a home, I still don’t know how you are feeling inside. Buying a home is a highly emotional decision for most folks. I know the facts, figures, and flaws of the homes. But this information doesn’t finally decide.

Over the years, I have heard agents complain that the home the buyer bought was in some cases the opposite of what they had described to the agent. Why is that?

With many (most?) buyers, they believe that they will “know it when they see it.”

Many factors go into a decision to buy a home. Location is often HUGE! Even within this category, the criteria are vast. With some, it is schools that are all important. For others, it is proximity to friends, family, highways, or certain shopping venues. For still others, it is the elevation of the property or the view or the privacy.

Quality of life and how the property facilitates that is often very weighty. For women, it is more often the kitchen and the master bedroom that is most important. Men may see quality of life in the basement or oversized extra garage. A nicely done screened porch may create visions of peaceful evenings and relaxation. An extra room that can be shut off from the rest of the house for a play room or a home office may provide peace and stress free living for all.

What the buyer prospect tells the agent is, “I want 3 or 4 bedrooms, prefer brick, priced between these certain numbers, and in this desired area.” All the while, quality of life is super important and the size of the food pantry is non-negotiable. But the buyer didn’t know a walk-in pantry was a requirement until she saw one that was available to her.

Each of your criteria is important. But some carry greater weight with you than others. That is what I don’t know. I know that we have four out of five of your criteria met. But how much weight does that fifth criterion carry with the home that interests you?

No home is perfect. Even if you build your dream home, you will have changed some criteria or interest by the time it is finished. For most people, if you find a home that meets 80% or more of your criteria, you will probably be very happy there for years to come.

I have had buyers willing to pay more than market value for a home. Why? For the reasons stated here. They could “see and feel” themselves living there. Trust yourself. Get good information from your agent and then make decisions that are good for you and your family.