Is it your worst nightmare to buy a home that ends up being a money pit? When you are making an investment to purchase a home for your family, then you need to make sure to do your due diligence to ensure the quality of your new home. Here at DUFFY Realty, we know the potential signs that could indicate problems that you should be avoiding.

By choosing the best real estate team in Atlanta, you can rest assured to know that you have an experienced group of real estate professionals who will work hard to protect your family. Here are a few warning signs that we watch for before our clients purchase a home:

Quality of the Foundation

A home with foundation problems will result in expensive repairs to protect the safety of your family. If your home isn’t built with a solid base, then how will the rest of it hold together? Hire a professional to inspect the foundation. A bad foundation might result in thousands of dollars in repair costs, especially if leaks cause mold and water damage.

Or, you could choose to avoid the headache of repairs and find another property with a solid foundation instead. Always make sure that you check the foundation and test for potential mold contamination during the inspection process.

Age of the Roof

How long has the roof been in place? Consider the age of the roof as well as the quality of materials that were used during construction. Replacing the roof can cost upwards of $25,000, which is an expensive repair after buying a new home. If the roof needs to be replaced, then make sure to negotiate a reduction in price so that you have the money to complete these repairs as soon as possible.

A good roof can last for up to 30 years, protecting your home from harsh weather conditions. But, if something goes wrong and the roof starts leaking, then you will likely be dealing with expensive renovations. Not only will you need to replace the roof, but you will also have the headache of cleaning up the water damage and mold contamination.

Regulations for Renovations

Just because a home needs a few renovations to accommodate the needs of your family, doesn’t mean that it isn’t the right property to buy. If you find a property that could be retrofitted to meet your needs, then it is essential that you do all of the research before you decide to purchase the home. For example, you need to understand zoning regulations to see if it will be ok to add on a garage or to build an expansion on the back.

It might seem like a great solution to increase the square footage with these additions, but you might run into problems if certain regulations limit the options that are available. Talk with an experienced real estate team to learn more.

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