Did you know that the quality of light in your home has a direct impact on many factors, including the happiness and well-being of your family? When you are buying a home in Atlanta, you need to consider the amount of natural light in each room throughout the day. By choosing a home with good lighting, you can brighten the main living areas of the home and boost the mood of every member of your family.

What if you find your dream home, but it lacks in natural light? The sunlight might be blocked because the main windows are facing the north or there are big trees outside that cast a shadow on the windows. Don’t worry, because there are a few things that you can do to brighten the room and maximize the light that is available:

Mirror Placement

The reflection of a mirror is a great way to increase the light and make the space feel bigger. The trick is to choose the right type of mirror and be selective about the placement location. A big, clean-cut mirror should be simple without too much decoration on the frame. Hang it in a space where it reflects the surrounding furniture to make the room look big and airy.

Lamps and Lightbulbs

Check the light bulbs in the light fixtures, and consider replacing the bulbs with a brighter wattage. Simply changing out the light bulbs can help to brighten the space, making it cheery even when there isn’t natural light coming in through the windows.

Also, be strategic with the placement of lamps around the room. Adding a few lamps can help by boosting light in the dark corners or highlighting the main sitting areas.

Window Coverings

Do you like having light-blocking window coverings while you sleep? It is nice to have a dark room during the night, but those window coverings might be a hindrance during the day. Consider the option to layer the window coverings with an opaque fabric that lets in the light during the day and a darker blackout drape that can be closed at night.

Home Décor

It is essential to choose a décor style that is bright, but you need to be careful about the undertones of some of the colors. For example, if a white paint has gray undertones, then it might make the room feel a little darker compared with a brighter hue. Start with a light colored paint, then choose light colored furniture to match. Wall hangings and throw pillows can be used to add a splash of color to the room.

You might even consider glass-topped tables, which provide function and still keep the room open and airy at the same time. Clear furniture is making a comeback, and there are many fun styles available.

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