The time has finally come: you have a closing date for your old home, and you are planning to move into a new home with your family. It is an exciting event, but many homeowners feel like they have a long list of to-do items before they are ready for the big move.

Packing and Kids

It is a smart idea to start packing early to minimize the stress right before you move. Gather boxes, clean out the clutter and pack up any items that you won’t be using between now and the moving day. If you have kids, then there is extra work to help them pack up their bedrooms and toys.

Many parents feel the need to spend a little extra time with their kids during this transition. It can be hard to move to a different neighborhood and school, which means that your kids might need a little more attention so that they feel secure. Talk with them about the great memories that you shared together in the home. Share ideas of new memories that you want to make together in the new home.

Cleaning Up after the Move

Once the movers have come, and your belongings have been moved to the new home, it might feel like the majority of the work is done. But, you shouldn’t walk away from the home leaving a mess behind. Your Atlanta real estate agent will make the suggestion that you “broom sweep” the home, to leave it decent for the next owners.

What does “broom sweep cleaning” mean? It means that you need to pay attention to the final cleaning details. Pick up the trash, wipe down the counters, scrub the toilets, and pull out the broom and vacuum to leave the floors in good condition. It takes a little bit of time to complete these cleaning tasks, but it is courteous to be thoughtful for the next owners. You want to leave a good impression!

Hiring a Cleaning Crew to Help

Do you feel like you have too much to do? One option is to hire a cleaning crew to help so that you can focus on packing and unpacking. At this point, you have two homes that need to be cleaned: the old property and the new property. Hire the cleaning crew to deep clean your new home the day before you move in. Then, schedule them to clean the old home right after you move out.

A cleaning crew frees up your time so that you can focus on your family without worrying about some of these details. Many homeowners agree that it is worth the money to have the professionals handle these tasks.

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