Staging - Good Process Has to Happen Anyway!

Staging – Good Process Has to Happen Anyway!

In this article, we will discuss Staging – Good Process Has to Happen Anyway!.

Myth 1: Many people believe that they can Stage their own home, I disagree. I am an accredited Stager and I can’t do my home, neither can many of the Stagers that I know.

Myth 2: You can’t keep your home Staged. Well you CAN if you pack everything that you don’t need. You have to do it anyway, just do it now.

Myth 3: Staging doesn’t pay off in the home sale. Wrong, Staged homes sell for more money and quicker on the market than other homes.

Myth 4: Staging costs a fortune. Not true, especially for Duffy clients. We have a Stager on staff that I have begged to do a discounted job for my clients. I believe in Staging and I use Staging for all of my rehab houses. My personal rehabs sell quicker than any other house in the neighborhood!

Take a look for yourself.

Oh, by the way – STAGING IS A MUST FOR VACANT HOMES! If your home is vacant, you must produce a warm feeling (emotion) for a buyer to pull the trigger sooner than later!

Before Staging

After Staging

Before Kitchen

After Kitchen


We hope you enjoyed this article on Staging – Good Process Has to Happen Anyway!

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