I have been collecting the comments on the post that I sent out to agents across the country with the Wonder Bread and Snickers Bar picture on a previous post on this site. In this article, we will discuss Agents Speak About Bad Photos. Here are their comments so far…

Comment by Lisa Heindel, New Orleans West Bank Real Estate:

Now that is a shame…clearing the counters, moving the garbage can and removing all the fridge magnets would make this look like a completely different room. If the agent is responsible for these photos, I’m embarrassed for our profession.

Comment by Terry Westbrook, Realtor(R) Ada/Cascade, MI:

Looks good to me. It would be interesting to find the story behind the photo. Thanks for the photo.

Comment by Pamela STETSON:

Gotta love these photos!!! Almost begs the question….did they do that on purpose to get xtra PR and comment exposure on the internet ???? — for BAD photography. It is irresponsible! on the part of the agent & broker. I had recently wrote about bad bathroom photos but this one….takes the cake. Thanks for sharing it and ….for giving me fuel to share with my sellers/listings. 😉 P

Comment by Rosario Lewis:

This is a good example of, “What were they thinking?” What a mess.

Comment by Chelle Gassan-NOVA Realtor and Stager:

That’s a keeper! You have to wonder if it is the seller or the agent not doing their part of the work? That was funny, thanks for the laugh.

Comment by Leesa L. Finley, Realtor®:

WOW – that is bad. I commented earlier this morning on another blog that I am just amazed when sellers look at their home – they CAN NOT be objective. Like Jean said, maybe this was clean for them?!?! I have never had pics taken by someone other than me for a VT – I do them myself. I guess if you do have an outside source you better be able to really trust them or at least look at what they have done before you “put it out there” for the world to see!

Comment by Jean Doyle Morris and Sussex NJ Real Estate:

OMG I would be very upset with my virtual tour provider if they posted this. Most likely the agent did tell clients to clean up. Who knows this may be “clean” for them.

Comment by Joseph Ellman:

Rhonda – Beautiful kitchen! It’s amazing some of the photos we see when searching listings. One of my favorites was someone in the kitchen on the phone appearing in the kitchen photo.


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