The holidays are a busy time for almost everyone. Odds are high that you’ll need to make time for shopping, decorating and visiting family. That might make it seem like a bad time to sell your home, but you’ll also find strong arguments in favor of selling now. If you’re committed to making a sale quickly, the holiday season can actually be the best time to put your house on the market. Here’s why.

You have less competition

The number of homes on the market typically drops between Thanksgiving and February. Sellers assume that most people are too busy to look, so they often decide to wait to put their home up until the New Year or after Valentine’s Day. But this can work to your advantage: The fewer options there are, the more likely it is that an interested buyer will see your listing and come check out your house. You’re also likely to get a better offer on your house if you list it during a slower time of year, since options are more limited for buyers.

You’ll attract serious buyers

People are more likely to casually browse for houses during warmer, less busy months. A casual buyer might pop into an open house on a weekend in the spring, for example, and you’ll be dealing with a lot of people who aren’t especially motivated to buy. But if someone is out looking at homes during the hectic Christmas season or in those exhausted days after New Year’s, they’re probably very serious about buying a home.

And buyers are certainly out there. Maybe they need to relocate to Bartow County for a job, or a family is outgrowing its Dawson County home, or any number of life events are prompting them to buy. When they go looking, they’ll more easily find your listing.

Holiday decorations hit home

No seller should put up a lot of Christmas decorations — after all, you want the buyer to be able to see the house underneath all that tinsel — but Christmas is a time when people tend to think about the idea of “home” more strongly. Even if you only hang a wreath on the door or a few stockings on the mantle, adding holiday decorations will emphasize that people are looking at a place they’ll call home, not just an investment. Electric candles in the windows or on the mantle give your house a welcoming glow that may catch buyers’ interest.

There’s more flexibility

People tend to have more time off when the holidays roll around. That means people who would usually only be able to look at homes on the weekends can view your house during a weekday morning. Your schedule might be more flexible, too, meaning you have more opportunities for showing the house than any other time of year.

If you want to sell your house quickly and get the best possible offer, don’t wait. The holidays may prove to be the perfect time of year.

Image source: Flickr