Listings with Duffy Realty of Atlanta last six months, at which time the seller may choose to take the property off the market, or extend or relist their listing to continue the selling process. However, after six months on the market, many sellers get frustrated at the lack of action happening with their property. Don’t be discouraged! In this article, we will discuss Reasons Why Your Listing Might Not Be Selling.  There are three main reasons your listing might not be moving in the first six months.

You have a buyer’s agent commission less than 3%.

If your buyer’s agent commission is less than 3%, you might want to consider raising it. When a property has a low buyer’s agent commission, there isn’t much incentive there for the agent to show the property to their buyers. You might think that raising your buyer’s agent commission will have little impact, but you’d be surprised at the number of showings you will have all of a sudden once you raise the commission. Give buyer’s agents a reason to show your home to their buyers. After all, money talks.


You don’t have a lockbox or your showing instructions are complicated.

If you don’t have a lockbox, your showing instructions are more than likely already too complicated. You might require that agents and buyers make an appointment with you before any showing can happen. This is not a good plan. By the time the appointment has come around, they may have already seen several properties that have open access or a lockbox, and may have chosen to go in another direction. Don’t make seeing your property a difficult task. Obtain a lockbox that agents can access easily. If you absolutely must have a call from agents or buyers before your property is shown, include “courtesy call” in your showing instructions so that they can shoot you a call and leave a message that they are on their way. But ideally, having an accessible lockbox and open access is the best way to go. You want to provide buyers and buyer’s agents every opportunity to see your home. Consider attaching a sign rider with your contact information so that buyers or agents can contact you directly to let you know that they are showing your home.

You only have one photo, or you have bad photos.

Traffic at your property is generated first online. If you only have one photo, buyers might pass simply because they don’t have enough information. Think of selling your home as a competition. If the other homes that buyers are looking at online have several pictures, or better pictures, why would buyers even want to waste precious time on looking at a house that might have features they aren’t interested in? Make sure your pictures follow our recommendations to really entice buyers and generate the traffic you need to get your house sold! Don’t be discouraged if your home isn’t getting much traffic. It might be because of something that you can fix very easily.

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