When taking the photos of your home to attach to your listing, there are several things you need to consider. Your first instinct may be to take the photos yourself. Before you do this, there are some things you should think about before whipping out your smartphone to fulfill your dreams of becoming a photographer. In this article we will discuss Professional or Amateur Photos: Which Way Should You Go?

Lighting and editing can change everything.

Did you contribute to the recent conversation that took social media by storm this week about #thedress? Was it blue and black or white and gold? With something as trivial as the color of a dress, we saw just how lighting and editing can change the way someone views a picture. The same thing can happen with pictures of your home. If you take photos with your phone or with a digital camera, the lighting might not be the most flattering for the colors of your home. Buyers might not be sure whether the walls and carpet are white and off-white, or even worse, blue and gray. If you plan on taking the photos yourself, you either need to make sure there is enough lighting, both natural and artificial, to show buyers what your home actually looks like. If the lighting isn’t quite right, try editing them in a free photo editor like PicMonkey to brighten them or crop them. Professional photographers have expensive and high-quality equipment to get the photos of your home just right, including editing tools and lighting equipment. So if you’d rather not spend your time staging and editing your photos to perfection, hire a professional photographer to really capture what your home looks like.

Get in the mindset of a first-time visitor or professional photographer.

After having lived in your home for a number of years, you might be a little too familiar with your home. You might even be somewhat ignorant or unaware of the features of your home that will really impress a first-time visitor or buyer. Your photos will most likely be the first thing a buyer sees of your home, and if you take only a few pictures, showing them just what you think are important to see like the exterior, back yard, and maybe the kitchen, you are missing so many other features of your home that buyers want to see.

So if you do decide to take the photos yourself, err on the side of excess. Take as many photos in every room as possible so that you have plenty to choose from. The benefit of having a professional photographer come in is twofold. First, they have never been in your home before, so they have a fresh perspective on what will make your home stand out. Second, they’re professionals. They have an eye for what will look best in a photo.

Overall, if you feel confident in your abilities, taking the photos yourself at first can be a good idea, but a professional photographer might be a better choice in the long-run.

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