The best way to quickly sell your home is to make sure that it can be easily accessed for showings. By making the home available to view, you will increase the likelihood that you can quickly connect with customers who are interested in your property. One option that you should consider is using a lockbox provided by your real estate agent.  In this article we will discuss if you Should You Let Your Real Estate Agent Use a Lockbox?

What is a Real Estate Lock Box?

A lock box is a small container that is attached to an area near the front door of your home. Often, it is hooked to the door handle, a gate, or the gas meter. This container is a secure way to make your home key available to people who have the access information.

Your real estate agent will have a key that can open the box so that they can get access to the key to your property. Since it is necessary to have a key or code to access the lockbox, you can have the peace of mind to know that your home key is secure when the lock box is closed.

Previously, many real estate agents had lock boxes that opened with a key. But, there are many options for electronic solutions, which use a code to access the box.

Benefits of Using a Lock Box When Selling Your Home

As you can see, a lock box increases the security of your property but still makes it easy for your real estate agent to show the home when you are gone. There are also other benefits offered by the digital features that are now included in lock boxes, such as tracking the number of times the lock box was accessed. This box can also be useful to share important information with the buyer’s real estate agent when they come to show the home.

These lockboxes can even incorporate technology that tracks who accesses the box. A microchip can read the unique identifier of the key that the real estate agent uses. So, the person’s information is registered when the lock box is opened up.

Using a lock box is the best way to make it easy to show your home. The ease of use will help to increase the number of showings that occur, which in turn speeds up the time that it takes to sell the property.

Trusted Atlanta Real Estate Team

Using a lockbox makes it easier for your home to be shown to potential buyers. But, this lockbox isn’t effective unless you are working with the best real estate team in the area. Here at DUFFY Realty, we are focused on the satisfaction of each customer that we work with.

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