If you are selling your home, then it is necessary to have home showings before an offer is received. In some situations, it is simply a numbers game: more showings results in a faster process to sell the home. Here at DUFFY Realty, we are experts in the real estate industry. We’ve got it down to a science, and we know the best methods to increase home showings and help you quickly sell your home.

What is a Home Showing?

What exactly is a home showing? If you aren’t familiar with the real estate industry, then there are probably phrases that you don’t completely understand. A home showing is when a potential buyer schedules a time to visit your home. The buyer will come with their real estate agent to walk through the property.

This showing is an important time in the process of selling your home. As a seller, there are a few things that you can do to set the right tone when potential buyers come to see the property. You need to make sure that you are proactive to set the right tone for these people.

Viewing the Listing vs. Visiting the Property

There is a bit of confusion regarding the steps that constitute a home showing. If someone sees the real estate listing and then calls or emails a question about the property, it isn’t technically a showing. But, some real estate agents will blur the lines to increase the number of “showings” to make it look like a higher level of activity is occurring on the property.

A showing is when an appointment is set up at the property, and the potential buyer and their real estate agent show up at the property to see it in person. Viewing an online virtual tour is not considered a showing. It is only classified as a showing if there is a physical walk-through in the home.

Showing Numbers: Do They Matter?

It is easy to get caught up in unimportant numbers, such as the number of showings that are completed. The truth is that this number doesn’t matter. The most important factor is that your home sells. Here at Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we cut the fluff and focus on the statistics that will make a difference to help you quickly sell your home.

We are the leading real estate team in Atlanta, and we know the strategies that need to be used to help you achieve your real estate goals. If you want to work with the best team in the area, then we invite you to contact us right away.

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