Dear Sellers:

I recently read a statistic that 53% of the buyers who are searching on a regular basis are hesitant to purchase due to their fear of losing their job. In this article, we will discuss Job Loss Protection for Your Buyers.

So, I went on a mission to solve that problem…

I found Help’s Job Loss Protection
I have attached the brochure to this email. In a nut shell the seller and buyer negotiate this protection for the buyer at the time of contract (right now the cost for the premium is $650.00) and the buyer is protected for 6 months of payments with a maximum PITI paid out of $1800.00 per month.

We are going to advertise this on all of our listings on and as I said, it is negotiable and has to be negotiated for you to pay for this premium at the time of contract. If your net does not equal what you want, you will not pay for this.

A sign rider for your yard sign, also attached, is available to be mailed to you for $15.00 and you can get the addendum for that on U: SOLD P: today
under the forms section. The rider will fit on the bottom of your sign with no screws. The sign is a corrugated plastic. We do not have the signs yet but expect them in 2 weeks upon which we will then start mailing them out to you after we receive your addendum.

One caveat that I want to mention here though is that the cost of the premium could rise in the future according to my sales rep. You can avoid that if you are sure that you want to buy it now for your buyer by locking in the rate. If you are not sure, I would take the risk and not buy it now.

Duffy Realty has no profit in this product – it is just a benefit that we are offering you. Duffy Realty has to order the product for you though because it is only sold through a few brokers, us being one of them.

Thank you for your business,

Duffy Realty


We hope you enjoyed this article on Job Loss Protection for Your Buyers.

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