There’s no question that curb appeal can make-or-break your home listing. Even if a buyer loves the neighborhood, the schools, and the floorplan, they might walk away when they pull up to the property to see the yard in disarray.

Not only will exterior improvements make your home more attractive to potential buyers, but these upgrades could also increase the value of your property. If you want to maximize your equity, you need to make sure that you put a little money into upgrades that will boost your curb appeal.

Give the Home a Facelift

Upgrade the front door and repaint the exterior of the home. The color and quality of the paint will set the first impression when people pull up to the curb. Then, they will have an opportunity to inspect the front door as they are walking into the home. Choose a door that will improve energy efficiency and add an extra layer of security.

When you are picking paint colors, make sure that you stick with neutral, warm colors. These hues are inviting and welcoming, helping visitors to feel at home when they see the property.

Freshen Up the Landscaping

Basic landscaping efforts should at least remove the weeds and trim the trees. But, if you want to make the home look great, you’ll want to add the finishing touches, such as fresh mulch and new flowers. Stay ahead of the mowing so that the grass is always trimmed when someone comes to tour the home.

Curbing and stonework can add a polished appearance to your curb appeal. You might also add lighting to add a soft glow to the sidewalks and flower beds at night.

Pressure Wash the Cement and House

Even if the cement is in good condition, it can look old and worn if it is dirty. Use a pressure washer to clear away debris and mud. This cleaning should be done on the driveway, porch, and walkways. If you have siding or brick, a gentle cleaning with a pressure washer could help to freshen the appearance of the building.

Replace the Windows

Old windows can bring down the visual appeal of your home. They often are cracked and warped, and the low-quality glass limits the view from the inside. A fast and effective way to upgrade the appearance of your home is to replace the windows. High-quality windows will help by improving curb appeal, and you can also ask a higher price for the property because of the top-notch materials. Choose windows that are Energy Star rated to have the best impact on monthly utility bills.

Talk to a Real Estate Agent

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