It is fun to have family visit, especially during the holiday season. But, some homeowners worry about inviting their family over when they have the home listed on the real estate market. In this article we will discuss How to Coordinate Showings When the In-Laws are Staying Over.  How do you manage home showings when you have guests in your basement? Here are a few things that will help you during this time:

Have a Conversation before They Visit

One of the best things that you can do is to talk with your guests and let them know the situation. Explain that your home is on the market and there is a possibility that home showings might be scheduled while they are visiting.

Make it clear that you are happy to have family visit and you would love for them to stay in your home, but a little more effort might be put into cleaning and upkeep of the living space in case a short-notice showing is scheduled.

Most family members are very understanding of the situation, and they are happy to assist with the home maintenance tasks to keep the property in good order. For example, they are willing to make the extra effort to keep their suitcases and belongings tidy if someone is coming to see the property.

Provide Storage Space for Suitcases

It is difficult to make a room look good if clothes and personal belongings are scattered across the floor. Make sure that you have closet and/or dresser space for your guests to use, because it will be easier for them to keep their things out of sight. If a showing is scheduled, there will be a clear space where they can move their clothing and personal items out of the way.

Show the storage space to your guests and let them know that they are welcome to use the space. When a showing is scheduled, let them know what time the potential buyers will be coming so that they can have their belongings cleared out of the way in time.

Leave the House

Having a house full of people can make it difficult for a potential buyer to feel comfortable walking through the home, so you might consider taking everyone out for a few hours when the showing is scheduled. Go to dinner with the family, head to the park for a little while, or find another fun activity that everyone will enjoy.

Leaving the house will allow the buyer to walk through without feeling like they are disrupting the family gathering. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to create lasting memories with your family by choosing to spend time together outside of the home.

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