One of the biggest characteristics of Boomers is that we as a group are do-it-yourself mavericks. We don’t like people telling us what to do. And we certainly wouldn’t want to pay for that type of guidance.  In this article we will discussing Housing Trends that Appeal to Boomers – Boomers Empower Themselves.

Therefore, the biggest trend in real estate today, hands down, is flat-fee realty services. Companies like mine have used technology and the economies of scale provided by a high-volume based business model to offer homeowners massive exposure at lower costs to market their homes. Boomers who want to remain empowered during the home selling process naturally gravitate to this model, because they are knowledgeable enough to know that it gives them the best chance of selling and, as my results have proven, in half the time of the industry average.

Another great component of this growing realty model, is that I allow my sellers to show their own properties and if the buyer comes in without an agent, save the buyer commission. Most do-it-yourself Boomers love this option because they know they are the expert when it comes to their home and they realize that every dollar they don’t pay out in commission, that a traditional agent would scoop up, is one more dollar in concessions to the buyer to make the transaction work and work quicker, or one more dollar in profit they can put in their own pockets.

This business model that I have perfected has been licensed to real estate professionals all across the country. I would highly recommend you contact one of my most advanced licensees, who is also one of California’s most successful brokers, for his take. His name is Simon Mills, of Mills Realty of California. His contact information is and Simon can be reached at 818-332-7987.

We hope that you enjoyed our article about Housing Trends that Appeal to Boomers – Boomers Empower Themselves.

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