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In today’s market, the internet does the work of exposing the property to every buyer in the marketplace. Before the internet, yes, commission should have been higher because the agents did network marketing to alert other agents that they had a home on the market. That networking stopped when the internet exposed your property and someone in London can view it with 25 photos, see what your mortgage balance is and watch your details progress while you are for sale.

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From getting your home listed to getting you ready for closing, we participate hands-on in every step of the selling process. Like a surgeon, we are each specialized with an urgency to get the particular task at hand done right the first time. Rhonda Duffy, the #1 ranked Agent in the U.S. according to Real Trends and the Wall Street Journal, works in the business every day overseeing and training all of her close-knit group of DUFFY Experts by Specialty™ so you always have proficient professionals proactively serving you.
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Selling tens of thousands of homes with this model since 2002 has taught us a lifetime of secrets that help our clients Win on their terms. Period.

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We proudly offer clients the ultimate experience of staying in control of their sale with their motives.
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Because we work with both buyers and sellers, it makes sense that we would have a great database of both. So, we took on the challenge of building our own technology when we looked in the marketplace and found no such technology. You see, most brokerages don’t have a large database because each agent hoards their own private information. Our favorite transaction is when we play cupid.
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Negotiating for a Win is easy when you can anticipate what is going to happen next. With our proprietary software and our knowledge, you will be surprised how simple we have made this process.
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Our Seller clients rave about the time that we take to make sure that they are in a legally binding contract binding the buyer exactly where they said they wanted to be. We take our time to make this process simple for you, yet our DUFFY Experts by Specialty™ are trained with a fierce attention to detail.

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As proud as we are about our selling side of the transaction, the model that we have built for Buyer protection is where we really shine. With our proprietary 8 Step Buyer Action Timeline, we produce the right house and the right price, every time.
DUFFY Buyer Cash Bonus
When you work with one of our Buyer Rights Specialists to find and purchase the perfect home you will receive a Buyer Cash Bonus of $500 or a Buyer Vacation Bonus of an all-inclusive stay at a Cancun resort.
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DUFFY Realty is an employee-owned company. Every person you will deal with during your sale is an Owner of DUFFY and our Owners treat your sale like their future depends on it, and it does!


We love serving our clients here are just a few of our five-star reviews.

Being that I didn’t know what to do or expect being this was my first time selling a house, Duffy made it simple and understandable. My house sold and I actually paid $3,000 less than I thought at closing which will now go toward a down payment on my new house……Thanks, Duffy Realty …You’re Awesome! And I see why you’re #1.
Evelynn Slat
I am extremely pleased with Duffy and the entire experience. Wonderful, well done, congratulations to you Duffy Realty. I really haven’t calculated the money saved yet, but I know it was more than %6. For that I am grateful, the money will, of course, be invested. But all said Duffy will be an experience to be remembered. Well done, well done, Duffy thank you for all your hard work. Again, it was a fabulous experience.
James Watson
I began working with Duffy and within a week I had a contract on our house. That ended up falling through and another contract was picked up, but all the way through, Victoria was a huge help in the process. Victoria and her team were always responding to calls/voicemails and were able to help me answer any questions and get the goals accomplished. Her knowledge was a huge asset to using this team for the sale and helped me in the long run..
Laura Wise

Home buying doesn’t have to be difficult. Take action to start saving time and money, today!