The summer is winding down and fall is here! As your family is pulling out the Halloween decorations, you might be wondering: will these decorations help or hurt the chances of selling my home? The quality of your home staging matters, because it will have a direct effect on the first impression that buyers get when they walk through the door.  In this article we will discuss Do Holiday Sights and Sounds Help with Home Staging?

Creating a Family Friendly Environment

It is important to create a safe, comfortable environment to share with potential home buyers. They need to be able to picture themselves in the home with their family, and certain types of holiday decorations can be beneficial to create this environment. But, there is a fine balance between tasteful decoration and going over-the-top.

For example, don’t create a spook alley on the front porch because it might leave the wrong impression when people walk up to your door. In comparison, a tasteful fall-themed wreath on the front door can be inviting and welcoming.

The Right Amount of Home Decorations

Stick with elegant, high-quality holiday decorations and use them as a “garnishment” to the overall décor of the home. They are a good way to spice up the home, but it is easy to go overboard by using too many holiday-themed decorations.

With any furniture or home decorations, the room can quickly become cluttered and messy if you add too much. When you are staging a home that is listed on the real estate market, less is more. Talk with any real estate agent, and you will hear the same advice: get rid of clutter and decrease the amount of “stuff” in your home.

This advice applies to holiday decorations. It can be beneficial to have a holiday-themed centerpiece on the dining room table. But, don’t make the mistake of cluttering up every surface with lots of figurines and trinkets.

Quality is Important

The quality of the decorations is also important. For example, a classy wreath will set a different tone compared with cheap dollar store decorations. Skip the paper streamers and balloons and choose designer quality home décor pieces that will add a taste of elegance in the home.

If you don’t know the right way to stage your home, then you should consider the advantage of talking with a real estate agent for help. An experienced agent will know the best practices for home staging, and they will offer tips to improve the appearance of your property. It might be beneficial to hire a professional stager if you don’t know a lot about home décor and design.

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