Parents are often focused on the experience their children have during a move to a new home. The desire is to make the transition as easy as possible for every family member so that you can quickly settle into your home and build new memories together. But, there is one important individual that is sometimes overlooked in the moving process: the family pet.  We will discuss how to How to Help the Family Pet Settle in After Moving here.

Whether you have a cat, dog, or a hamster, it is essential that you consider the needs of the animal so that they aren’t forgotten in the shuffle. It can be a traumatic experience for a family pet to move to a new property. They don’t understand what is going on, which can cause some unusual behavior. Be conscious of their concerns and make an effort to help the animal adjust to the new surroundings.

Maintain a Confined Space

It can be overwhelming for an animal to be introduced to a big space all at once. Instead of letting them roam free through the house, take a gradual approach to the home introduction. In the beginning, keep them restricted to one or two rooms in the house. By limiting the space, they have the opportunity to become accustomed to the sounds, smells, and sights in the new environment.

As the animal becomes more comfortable in these rooms, then you can increase the space that they spend time. It is best to have most of the boxes unpacked at this point so that the animal can find familiar furniture and smells of the family. Also, getting rid of the boxes helps to decrease the likelihood of the animal being scared by their surroundings.

Bring the Comforts of Home

When you bring the animal into the home for the first time, make sure that their space is set up with items that are familiar. Setup their bed, food and water bowls, toys, scratching posts, and more. These things will help to create a feeling of consistency to allow them to relax in the new environment.

Additionally, these items have a familiar smell. Animals depend on their sense of smell to determine safety and security. These smells will be beneficial to offer comfort and reduce their stress levels.

Natural Pheromones

It is common for animals to have the instinct to “mark their territory” when they are in an unfamiliar space. This behavior can be frustrating if they are making messes in your new home. Some new homeowners swear by the use of pheromone products that help an animal to feel safe. Talk with your vet for recommendations about products that should be used for your pet.

At DUFFY Realty we know that pets are an important part of the family and we hope that you have liked our take on How to Help the Family Pet Settle in After Moving.  When we are helping you buy a new home, we will work hard to find a property that will provide the space so that your family pet can be comfortable: (678) 318-1700

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