When you want to sell your home, you have a couple of listing options. If you choose a full-priced listing, you pay the agent a commission of about 6 percent at closing. With flat-fee listings, such as those offered by Duffy Realty of Atlanta, you pay a set amount upfront. Duffy Realty charges $500 upfront, for example, and a small amount of the price of the home at closing. If the buyer has an agent, you pay him or her a 2, 3 or 4 percent commission, too.

What you get

Flat-fee listings let you make a greater profit when you sell your home, as the amount you end up paying the agent is considerably lower. Your listing appears in the Georgia Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS), so interested buyers can review your home and request to see it.

If you work with Duffy Realty, your agent will also price the home for you, help you market it, and the entire Duffy Realty client support team and contracts negotiation team will help you get to closing. Your home is also listed on For Sale by Owner sites and on the Duffy website. A flat-fee listing can also include a lockbox, so that buyer’s agents can show your house at any time.

Benefits of flat-fee listing

One of the major benefits of using a flat-fee listing is that you save a considerable amount of money. For example, if your home ultimately sells for $250,000 and you go the traditional route with a 6 percent seller’s commission, you’ll need to pay your agent $15,000 at closing. If you use a flat-fee service, such as the one offered by Duffy Realty, you’ll pay $500 at the start, then a 0.34 percent commission, or $850, at closing.

Flat-fee listings also offer you more flexibility as a seller. You have the option of taking your home off the market if you wish, then listing it again without paying an additional fee. You’re also able to rent your house out or advertise it as being available for lease when you work with Duffy Realty.

Best of both worlds

A flat-fee listing offers the best of the For Sale by Owner world and the best of the traditional, full-service realty world. You have the flexibility of selling your home yourself, but don’t have drawbacks — such as missing potential clients because you weren’t home at the time they wanted to see your house. Since your house is listed on both the MLS and FMLS and For Sale by Owner sites, you reach a larger market of potential buyers, too.

Traditional real estate agents are over-compensating on not being able to sell every house they list, which is why they charge high commissions at closing. The agents with Duffy Realty are able to offer a flat-fee rate, as they’ve created an efficient system that is more likely to get your home sold. If your goal is to make a profit and get your home sold quickly, a flat-fee listing can be your best option.

Image source: Flickr