When Rhonda and Frank Duffy opened Duffy Realty in 2002, they realized how the Internet was changing their industry. But instead of being concerned about this potential, they embraced the Web and its ability to empower consumers.

The rise of the Internet made it economically viable to create a new business model that thrives in an increasingly Web-focused industry. Frank and Rhonda employed a new approach to real estate brokerage, called flat-fee pricing, and put more control in buyers’ and sellers’ hands.

Duffy Realty not only challenges the full bundle of services offered by traditional brokers, but it bests other discount pricing models as well. Through Duffy, Atlanta sellers can avoid paying a hefty real estate commission and use a system proven to sell homes.

Atlanta home sellers choose Duffy

Duffy Real Estate has a unique price structure that enables you to keep money in your pocket. Sellers pay $500 up front, plus 0.0034 percent of the sales price at closing. Optional costs may include a 2-percent to 4-percent commission (if you work with a buyer’s agent), $100 to rent a lockbox and $125 for a virtual tour with professional photography.

Conversely, traditional brokers charge an average commission of 6 percent, which would cost you $18,000 for a $300,000 sale.

Sellers who work with Duffy also gain the following:

  • A flexible listing agreement. This allows the seller to leave and return at any time for no additional charge until the home is sold.
  • The ability to list your home for the asking price you want. Duffy Realty, which has an average list-to-sales price of 98 percent, provides you comparisons, or “comps.” These provide information on similar, recently sold properties in the neighborhood, which is essential information to make a smart decision on your asking price.
  • The freedom to put your home up for sale, rent or lease, and choose the offer that best meets your needs.

Even if you decide not to work with a buyer’s agent, your home still receives maximum exposure to help attract buyers. This consumer-centric approach has propelled Rhonda Duffy to No. 1 among the Top 8 agents in Georgia and sixth nationwide.

First-class real estate services

Whether you’re selling a multimillion-dollar home in Buckhead or an “as-is” property in the revitalized Old Fourth Ward, Duffy believes that everyone deserves superior services.

“There’s no reason to treat anyone differently based on a price range,” Rhonda Duffy told the Wall Street Journal in 2012.

Duffy Realty’s sales provide unique insights into selling homes in the Atlanta area. Duffy blends the latest inbound marketing tools, including websites and social media, with proven traditional brokerage strategies. This results in an average of 48 days on the market for homes listed — the best in Atlanta.

Over the past 15 years, Rhonda Duffy has established a solid reputation as a consumer advocate and real estate expert. In the future, the firm will continue to work with clients to help them sell homes and save money.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons