Locusts. Frogs. Hail. And now, Justin Bieber moving to Buckhead.

Apocolyptic news, or is it?

We have all been hearing in the news media, that wannabe bad boy and pop star, Justin Bieber, is contemplating a move to our fair city for over a week now.

Some news, like the staged protest rally outside the Blackland Road area house drawing Bieber’s attention, have turned out to be a radio bit, a clever hoax, perpetrated by Rock 100.5’s The Regular Guys.

And some of the news has turned out to be factual, like the news story broke just hours ago by WSB TV about a Bieber bodyguard facing serious felony charges stemming from a run-in with a paparazzi in Metro Atlanta #wsbtv .

All of this buzz, has made the local home shopping process (hope he talks to at least 3 neighbors, gets a C.L.U.E. report, and checks the GBI list of the whereabouts of registered sex offenders – the expert advice he will get if he uses a Duffy Realty buyer specialist) of one, Justin Drew Bieber, a very hot topic.
Now, whereas the Bieb’s reputation of reckless behavior and criminal negligent driving has proceeded him, and there is a passionate groundswell of people adamantly opposed to his taking up residence in The City Too Busy To Hate, is there really any way to keep him from buying and if he does, what will be the effect of his purchase have on nearby property values.

Our broker, and the founder and owner of Duffy Realty of Atlanta, Rhonda Duffy, well, her answer just might surprise you.

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