The Internet is the most powerful tool in a real estate agent’s marketing arsenal. The overall quality of your online real estate listing determines the amount of exposure you have to potential buyers and how quickly you can sell the property. In addition, the manner in which you market your home has a significant bearing on the final sales price, according to Forbes.

Ninety percent of buyers search online for listings, according to a report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Google. Consequently, the accuracy of your information, the online appeal of your home and the look of your listing on mobile devices are critical factors for assuring that your real estate listing receives maximum exposure.

When you work with Duffy Realty of Atlanta, your listing goes live before the agent leaves your home. This way, you can feel secure that it shows your home to its best advantage.

Verified accuracy of data in the MLS

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is primarily aimed at homebuyers and buyer’s agents. The tool allows agents and buyers to search for homes based on specific criteria. You should make sure that the MLS ad contains as much detailed and inclusive information as possible and that it is accurate. This is extremely important because the moment it goes live, the listing is exposed to thousands of people.

An innocent mistake regarding information such as square footage, amenities, lot size, number of baths or property taxes may affect a buyer’s decision whether to take the next step and view the home.

Determine its online appeal

Often, your home’s curb appeal determines if a buyer want to look at the interior. Now that most listings appear online, this concept extends to the virtual appearance of your home as well. Look at your listing from the perspective of the homebuyer. Most buyers want to see photographs of important spaces: the kitchen, baths, family room, master bedroom and exterior.

Look at the listing before the agent walks out the door. You will know right away if the quantity and quality of the photographs provides a strong first impression to help buyers imagine living there. If you notice you’ve missed any important features, this is the time to add them.

Gauge mobile-friendliness

According to the study from NAR and Google, smartphones and tablets play an important role in home searches. Eighty-nine percent of homebuyers use a mobile search engine during their home search, and 68 percent of buyers employ a mobile app when conducting research for available listings. When your listing goes live, use your own mobile device to ascertain how your real estate listing looks.

At Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we think that you should view your live listing while the agent is still in your home. This approach gives you the chance to check the accuracy of the information, view the quality of the photos, ask questions and recommend changes to enhance the listing’s appeal.

Image source: Flickr