It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling a home… the home inspection can be a stressful experience. Everyone wants the inspection to come back with a positive report so that the closing can move forward as planned. But, there are times when a bad report might come back from the inspector, and it’s important to pay close attention to this information so that you know how it will impact the deal.  In this article we will discuss Common Reasons for Failed Home Inspections.

The condition of the property is critical for the closing of the home, especially since thousands of dollars in repair might be at stake. The inspector carries the heavy responsibility of completing the inspection in an objective and critical way, and there is a potential that the findings might cause the buyer to back out of the deal. These are some of the common problems that show up on the home inspection:

Problems Buried Under Upgrades

At first glance, a home might look great with new upgrades and remodeling. But, there is a possibility that those upgrades are actually hiding bigger problems that are found beneath the surface. When a home needs repairs and updates, it is essential that the property owner handled these repairs in the right way. Sometimes, the home owner is so anxious to sell the home that they might use these remodeling projects to cover up existing problems.

Even though everything looks new, it is still important to look for signs of mold or water damage. Or, it might be possible that the property needs structural repairs, but the issues were covered up with surface repairs instead.

Pest Infestations

It can be very disappointing to move into a home and find that there is a termite or rodent infestation. There are a variety of pests that might move into the structure of a home, and there’s a possibility that the signs of these pests were covered up when you took a tour of the home.

The home inspector knows what to look for to identify potential pest infestations. In addition to having the regular inspection, you might also consider the benefits of hiring a pest control expert to complete an inspection as well.

Required Repairs

Another reason that an inspector might come back with bad news is if a property needs more repairs and updates than originally anticipated by the buyer. Even though everything looks fine on the surface, there might be expensive renovations that will be needed to make the home comfortable and prevent future damage.

Examples of these types of repairs might include a new roof installation, replacing major appliances such as the furnace or water heater, fixing drainage issues, or replacing rotten wood.

The home inspection is a critical step to keep you protected during the real estate transaction. Make sure that you have an experienced Atlanta real estate agent by your side to help! At Duffy Realty of Atlanta we will be there to help you find the right home for your family. Call us today: (678) 318-1700.  We hope that you liked our article on Common Reasons for Failed Home Inspections.

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