There is a common fear among home buyers when they are searching for the right property: what if they buy a home that has a lot of hidden problems? No one wants to step into a home that will require a lot of money in upkeep and repair, so it is important that you do your homework to look for potential problems that could turn into big nightmares. In this article we will discuss Common Problems Home Sellers Try to Hide.

Sellers are interested in making the property look as good as possible, and there are five common things that they often try to hide when the home is on the market. As the home buyer, it is important to have an appraisal done and to ask the right questions to identify if any of these problems are a concern:

1. Pest Infestations

Even if a house seems to look good, there is still the possibility that mice are hidden under the floorboards or there are termites in the walls. Pest infestations are more than just a simple inconvenience, because they can cause quite a bit of unseen damage to the property. Look for signs of pests, and consider hiring a pest control expert to inspect the home before you close on the property.

2. Water Damage and Leaks

Water damage is another expensive problem, because it could lead to mold and rot. If something is leaking, then it is possible that the seller might find a way to temporarily stop the leak. Check potential sources of leaks, including pipes, faucets, the roof, appliances, and radiators.

3. Cracks in the Foundation

It is essential that every house has a strong foundation, especially because cracks in the foundation can potentially result in thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in repair. If cracks are left unrepaired, then you risk problems such as a weakening foundation, mold problems, or pest infestation.

4. Roof Problems

A solid roof overhead keeps the rest of the home protected. If there is a leak or weak point in the roof, then it could potentially lead to a variety of issues such as mold problems and rot. Check the roof and ceiling for signs of water damage or leaks.

5. Property History

How would you feel if you moved into a home and then found out that it was the site of a murder or suicide? This information typically isn’t disclosed during the selling process, but many buyers are interested to know. If there is any emotional history for the property, then you should ask questions and do your best to find out details.

When you are buying a home, there is no reason for you to be scared. Doing the research and asking the right questions will give you the peace of mind to know that the property is in good condition, and there aren’t any major secrets hiding out of sight.

Make sure that you have an experienced real estate team by your side every step of the way. For more information about buying a home in Atlanta, contact Duffy Realty of Atlanta by calling: (678) 318-1700. We hope that you enjoyed this post on Common Problems Home Sellers Try to Hide.

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