As the summer winds down and the leaves start to change, many people mistakenly think that the real estate market will slow down for the fall and winter seasons. In this article, we will discuss 5 Reasons Why Fall is a Great Time to Sell Your Home. Historically, fall and winter are the times when some Atlanta real estate agents remove their listings from the market, allowing them to enjoy a “part-time” status to go on vacation, attend holiday parties, and travel.

Even though many people assume that fall and winter are a bad time to sell a home, the numbers don’t back it up. In fact, the FMLS listing database shows that over 31,000 homes have been sold in the metro Atlanta area over the past two years in the months of October, November, and December.

At Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we’ve found that fall is a great time to sell your home, and there are many benefits to keeping your home on the market during this perceived downtime. Here are a few reasons why you should sell your home during this time of year:

1. Less Competition

When other real estate agents pull down their listings, it gives you the advantage of having less competition. Drive through the streets of any Atlanta neighborhood and you will see fewer “For Sale” signs because there aren’t many homes for sale. As a result, there are fewer neighbors to steal your buyers.

2. It Only Takes One

Even if there aren’t as many buyers during the fall and winter months, you don’t need a lot of buyers. It only takes one interested buyer, and you might miss the opportunity if you pull the listing during this time of year. That person might not be able to wait until spring, because personal circumstances might create a situation where they need the home right away. Fall and winter have many common life-changing scenarios (like any other time of year): people get married/divorced, jobs change, babies are born, and other situations arise that require a change in housing.

3. Filter Serious Buyers

If a buyer is interested in viewing your home late in the day on Halloween, Christmas Eve, or over the Thanksgiving weekend, then you know that they are serious buyers. People don’t kick the tires when there are family parties to attend. You might not have quite as many showings, but there aren’t as many browsers or looky-loos during this time of year.

4. Festive Home Decor

Most homes look and smell better during the fall and winter, because they are decorated for the holidays. When a potential buyer walks through the door, they will notice the festive, cheery, inviting feeling which helps them to envision their family in the same space.

5. Avoid Extra Mortgage Payments

If you are moving during the fall/winter season, there’s no reason to pay multiple mortgages just to wait until spring to sell your home. If you need to sell your home, then don’t wait! At Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we know that if you don’t market it, you will not sell it. We have extensive experience with real estate marketing during all times of year, and we will gladly help you sell your home this fall. Contact us for more information: (678) 318-1700

We hope you enjoyed this article on 5 Reasons Why Fall is a Great Time to Sell Your Home.