One of the most important steps before buying a home is to hire an inspector to take a closer look at the property. Even though the home inspection might seem like another task that is in the way before you can close, it is an essential part of the process to ensure that you are buying a high quality home. In this article we will discuss 5 Benefits of a Home Inspection.  Here are five reasons you should never skip the home inspection:

1. Identifying Problems with the Home

The home inspector has a trained eye to identify problems that might be an issue when you move in. The inspector is looking for safety issues, threats, or major defects that might be present. Sometimes, these issues might be code violations, or other times they might be inconveniences that need to be considered to improve the comfort of the home.

2. Prevent Future Problems

One thing the inspector looks for are signs of problems that could get bigger in the future. Even if the home is fine right now, seemingly small issues can get worse and turn into expensive repair bills later on. For example, a small leak in a pipe could potentially cause mold, which might lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

3. Seller-Financed Repairs

If problems are discovered, then the seller can be involved in the repair process. The seller will be motivated to ensure that the home is safe in order to pass a home inspection, so they will work hard to make sure their home is in good condition. Discovering these problems before the real estate transaction takes place keeps the seller in a responsible position to assist with the repairs.

4. Save Money

Even though you feel like you are shelling out more money for the cost of the inspection, the truth is that you can actually save money in the long run. By identifying the problems right now, the seller can share the financial burden to repair the problems. Certain home repairs can be quite expensive, and many home buyers find that they save quite a bit of money by negotiating repairs with the sellers.

5. Peace of Mind

A good inspection can give you the peace of mind to know that you are buying a high quality home. It is a big decision to purchase a home, so you need to make sure that you are certain about your purchase. The inspection process will give you all of the information needed to make a good decision, reducing the likelihood that you will experience buyer’s remorse. At Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we are committed to helping you find the home of your dreams. We understand the importance of the home inspection, and our experienced team will be by your side to navigate every step of the home buying process. For more information about buying a home in Atlanta or any of the surrounding areas, we invite you to contact us anytime: (678) 318-1700.  We hope that you enjoyed our article on 5 Benefits of a Home Inspection.

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