The cost of housing in Atlanta is going up, but there are still a few affordable neighborhoods in the metropolitan area. In these neighborhoods, a person earning the median income in the Atlanta area can usually pay the mortgage and other costs of the home comfortably. Families who are shopping for a home will find schools, restaurants and community events in these neighborhoods, too.

When you are looking for a house, there’s more to consider than just the price and the home’s features. Before you make your decision, take the time to really get to know the area, its history and the people who live in it.

East Atlanta

The average listing price for a home in East Atlanta was $233,562 in March 2014, compared to an average price of $451,707 in the rest of Atlanta in the same time period, according to Trulia. The average price per square foot in East Atlanta was $166, just over 4 percent lower than in the rest of the city.

This neighborhood has an active community organization: the East Atlanta Community Association. East Atlanta also has a number of school options, both public and private. The neighborhood is home to restaurants and cafes as well as to annual events such as the East Atlanta Strut.

Ormewood Park

Ormewood Park is located to the west of East Atlanta and to the east of the pricier Grant Park. The average listing price in Ormewood Park was $239,389 in March 2014, according to Trulia. Although the average listing price in Ormewood Park is lower than in the rest of the city area, it’s worth noting that the cost per square foot is higher. Ormewood Park averages $195 per square foot, and the city averages $173 per square foot as of March 2014.

Compared to other areas of Atlanta, Ormewood Park is relatively walkable and offers a greater amount of public transportation. The Glenwood Park area on the northern border of the neighborhood features a number of restaurants.


The average listing price for a home in the Kirkwood neighborhood was $246,989 in March 2014, according to Trulia. Aside from affordable home prices, Kirkwood has a lot to offer families and others wanting to move into the area.

One of the greatest benefits of Kirkwood is its location; it’s centrally located between downtown Atlanta and Decatur. The neighborhood was one of Atlanta’s first “streetcar suburbs,” which means it began to flourish after the development of the street car that brought residents into and out of the downtown area. Today, Kirkwood is home to a number of fun events for families, such as the annual Spring Fling. It also has a branch of the public library, an art gallery and a thriving downtown area.

An affordable price is just one thing to look for when buying a home. Affordable neighborhoods are best when they provide both a home with a good price and a vibrant community.

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons