To sell a property in this market, you have to have a home looking its best. And to do that it has to have great curb appeal. The 70 points of marketing I provide our clients can get people to their street or to their driveway. What gets them out of the car and into the house is how good the front looks.  In this article we will discuss You Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal For A Lot Less Than You Think.

A home is a product and you have to treat it that way when marketing it. And like any product, you have to make sure that it brings in more revenue than the expenses incurred to fix it up and put it on the market. Simply put, you need to get as much bang for your buck, when doing home improvements.

A little bit will go along way to grab a buyer’s attention. A flat of pansies and 20 bales of pine straw, pressure washing a driveway and cleaning or replacing old gutters are all inexpensive things to enhance the exterior beauty of a home.

The first time someone sees your property is not when they visit it in person. The first time they see a home is on the listing database or on one of the thousands of real estate websites. And to make a great first impression and to entice buyers to come to your home you must have great pictures. If you are listed today and you think the pictures your agent has provided are ugly and make the house look unattractive, so does everyone else. Just another reason why it is essential to have good curb appeal and why it’s an inexpensive investment to get it.

We hope that you enjoyed our article on You Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal For A Lot Less Than You Think

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